Data for Public Good

We believe in the incredible potential of data to drive positive
change and create a better world.

In our rapidly evolving digital age, data has become critical for innovation and progress. From healthcare to education, and from governance to business, the importance of data in shaping the future cannot be overstated. At the Center of Data for Public Good (CDPG), we believe in the incredible potential of data to drive positive change and create a better world.

One crucial aspect of maximizing the impact of data is data exchange, especially when integrated into the comprehensive Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) strategy, as data exchanges help enable the creation of data-driven applications. DPI emphasizes collaboration among different entities. Our data exchange platform serves as a central hub where public and private organizations, researchers, and nonprofits can come together to share insights, resources, and expertise. They reduce the effort and time put in by application developers looking for high quality data by automating the process of locating pertinent data.

More often than not, data exchanges are specific to a domain (e.g., urban, agriculture, logistics, etc). We are already catering to the urban sector via India Urban Data Exchange (IUDX), which was created for the Smart Cities Mission under the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India; the agriculture sector by creating India’s first Agricultural Data Exchange (ADeX) in partnership with the Government of Telangana and the World Economic Forum; and the Geospatial Ecosystem with the Survey of India.

At CDPG, we are committed to democratizing data and our mission is to help harness its power by creating data exchange platforms and integrating it seamlessly into the broader context of Data for Public Good. By ensuring that data exchange is conducted ethically, with a focus on privacy and security, we strive to make the benefits of data accessible to all, promoting inclusivity in decision-making processes.

We are also committed to turning data into a force for public good. Join us on this journey of leveraging the transformative power of data to create a more just, inclusive, and sustainable world. Together, let’s make data work for everyone!